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“Naschpiraten”A quirky candy Store for the kid in all of us

It is wierd I  discovered this shop while on my bike tour in Berlin.Yes everuyone has one in Berlin a bike is definbately a musat have.While tracvelling up this quiet street in Schoeneberg I discovered this Candy Store ,A unique candy shop forboth Childeren and Adults. What kind of sweets? Well All kinds of delicious Jelly Candy  in diverse  flavors ranging from Lemon to Strawberry and beyond .This shop which is  small  and  not opened every day but is a uniquel place when you want to get  original sweets and not in the traditional shops that one usually finds them .The prices are reasonable and I found my self purchasing little bags of candy for freinds so when not sure what to get a freind ,try some original sweets from the Naschenpirat you will not be dissappointed.This shop makes you smileand the friendly shop owner is generally warm hearted a true Berlin original.

P.S. The store is not always open so check the open hours,however the shop is worth a brief visit.

Love Sean

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