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Moschino loves Disaronno!!!!A Night of Love Creativity and Giving back!!!!

Moschino Loves Disaronno What does a Cult Fashion house have to do with a Traditional Liqueur Company?

Well A lot creativity and both Bring a bit of zest to Life!!!and that’s what last night was. I attended the Party at The Villa Elisabeth in Berlin’s Mitte district. The party was to initiate a limited edition of the Liqueur Brand Bottle in Cooperation with the Fashion house Moschino !!!This initiative with Heavy hitters such as Carla Sozzani from Italian Vogue and Issey Miyake in collaboration with the UN to help in the development of Fashion 4 development .Which aims to use the Power of both the Fashion and Beauty industry to help in the Development of Business in Africa!!!True a big endeavor but the heart is in the right place so I am sure the project will have a lasting effect.

The Night was a fun and young evening !!!!I loved seeing the few pieces of Moschino presented and having a Dissaronno Drink for the night!!! The event included young Berlin Hipsters really made me think how international and unique the city has become!!! !!!I hope that the initiative has success since When Helping others we help ourselves and thats!!!

The Limited Bottle will be offered in Berlin at the Soto Store so the Colorful and fab Bottle is to be had by everyone!!!!Good

Love Sean

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