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Matthias Brunner Presents his work at the Nolan Judin Gallery in Berlin!!!!

The Swiss artist Matthias Brunner at the Gallery Nolan Judin
The other day I was in Berlin‘s Potsdamerstrasse which is a few yards away from the Potsdamerplatz
but still located at a corner that seems deserted, so after looking at a few things !!I went into the courtyard of the Andreas Murkurdis concept store and discovered a few yards away the discreetly hidden Nolan Judin Gallery which was presenting Matthias Brunner’s work, entitled “The Love Affair Between Movies and Literature”which is on display from the Feb.12-6 April!!This Video,Photo,Object installation was a unique presentation due to the fact that the artist presented art as a video on such a huge scale the installation fills one gigantic hall that combines various Films with very Iconic Actors such as Claudia Cardinale,Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot!!!The clips presented were Iconic at Times which included films such as Imitation of Life,Il Gaupardo,and The Birds from Hitchcock!!!Faces and Films that made Films so iconic exciting and fun its a film blast from the past!!!!!!
The Video installation is a compilation of 36 Films during the whole installation you hear one music score so it carries you into the world of film without taking away your attention from the films!!!which lends towards a very harmonic combination.
Today one asks are Videos Art ?Well this Video installation was artistic ,visual ,exciting and yes a unique piece of Modern Art !!!!It takes you into another world and that is the goal of many visual artists today to bring the viewer into another world into the artists world and this installation does just that!!!!Take a look Berlin offers so much creatively and it’s free!!!

Love Sean

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