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Marlon Roudette in Berlin !!!!!New Music, New Vibes!!!!!

Why I like Berlin?? by Marlon Roudette !!!!!
Why I Like Berlin? Well,During my time with Matafix I spent some time in Berlin I really liked the vibe of the city and the creativity I spent my time in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

During our meeting this very deep but warm hearted artist spoke briefly about his West London and Caribbean upbringing, with his musical influences including Soul,Calypso, and Soca music and with these influences that you will find on his new Album entitled Matter Fixed will for sure intrigue many to further explore the artists journey!!!!!
with the very cool tunes on his CD entitled Riding Home,and 10- Million you hear immediately both his urban british and west indian influences!!!!
Marlon stated during our brief chat that the CD was very personal and truly after having heard the CD again I realized thats what made this album both intriguing and interesting was the indeed personal touch!!!!!!friends when your into hearing some intriguing vibes then take a moment and chill to the vibes of Marlon Roudette!!!!!!

Love Sean!!!!!!

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