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“Marga Schoeller” Bookstore the shop that inspires !!!!

Well I love reading and right now while I was taking a fgew days off from work I decided to visit aq true old bookstore institution in Berlin Marga Schoeller even Fashion royalty such as Karl Lagerfeld have entered this shop in Berlin’s Chic district of Charlottenburg to browse for books,and as we know that Fashion Pope is a true avid reader.The store has existed since 1929 and has survived through many dark days in Germany.

So I went in and this shop has an amazing  English Department that offers books from the classic authors such as Hemingway and Shakespeare but this shop also covers a broad spectrum from Art to Music and beyond the great thing about this bookshop is that they have a friendly and informed sales staff. This shop is special for me because  they have   a woman working a few days a week Named Shirley who not only welcomes you with a smile and helps  you to find those special books that  maybe over looked   while walking around this book shop.I often have become inspired so browse this special bookstore and broaden your intellectual juices at Marga Schoeller.This bookshop is unique and totally a Berlin original.Mr Lagerfeld seems to think so.

Love Sean

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