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Cafe Tietz & Cie a Cafe with a Funky ,and Urban Edge

A quick cafe break from the stress!!try this new cafe with it’s hip urban and relaxed vibe!!

Cafe Tietz & Cie.This cool cafe is located in the up and coming district of the Potsdamerstrasse!!The cafe is located close to many new and modern galleries,and a few shopping meccas such as Mukurdis,and the hat Designer shop Fiona Bennet.Cafe Tietz & Cie serves snacks,soups,sandwiches and beverages.On the day I finally went in ,I was in a good mood and I guess my

spirit was infectious since,while I was the the counter I got into a nice conversation with some of the staff and with their easy going ice and with the atmosphere being both spacious and friendly .

This cafe made me feel like I was a regular ,and with that kind of energy you are sure to want to return ,no attitude just easy going and relaxed.

The prices are reasonable and there is tons of Organic food on the Menu.

During my brief time I had a Matcha Latte which was quite interesting in Taste not bad but I must say it has an acquired taste.The Décor,The Food and Cool Service makes this place a good place to have a break ,when going to the Potsdamer Platz and you are looking for a quick bite or cafe before continuing your journey through this fab city!!!

Love Sean

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