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The “Bottecelli” Exhibition seen through new eyes in Berlin

The Bottecelli exhibition recently opened at the Berlin “Gemaeldegalerie” which is located close to the Potsdamerplatz.This museum often is forgotten due to Berlin having so many other artistic venues,however this exhibit in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert museum is a pure artistic delight.

The exhibit is themed after the world renowned painting of Venus from Bottecelli. What makes this exhibition  unique is that the exhibition is based on the theme of the Venus painting however the exhibition takes us beyond just the renaissance era but art spanning several centuries.Here the museum presents various artist who have used the theme of Venus as an artistic motive.The show presents various artists over the centuries that included designs from the designers Dolce &Gabana, photos from Pierre & Gilles and paintings from the Pre Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti.The exhibition presents to the viewer how a subject matter over a large period has continuously influenced artist for centuries.The exhibition is informative,and entertaining.

The Bottecelli exhibit is one of those delightful and still informative exhibitions that inspire and make

one smile and yes this show is worth a visit.

Love Sean

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