Berlin Six Senses Fashion Makeover

We escorted Heike Roettger through the eclectic Berlin fashion scene. Our journey started early in the morning at s.Oliver ‘s new flagship store (Potsdamerplatz) .We continued on to
Check point in Kreuzberg to individualize Heike’s look. In between, we got a taste of Berlin’s avantgarde designers.We viewed the collection of Micheael Sontag in the showroom of vonLudwig PR and then visited the Italian designer Livio Graziottin and his spokesperson
Piero Zanatta, who have just moved their atelier and fashion archive “Second City Studio” to Berlin-Mitte. Finally we handed our Heike to the care of Ralph at Vidal Sasson’s. Annette, who used to worked for Mac, did her make up. Voila Heike transformed into“Hilda ! We partied later into the wee hours. It truly was a long day but lots of fun! keep track and apply for our future makeovers.
Sean and Barbara

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