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Adding a Little “Fluffy”to your wardrobe

Fluffy!! Oh I dont know if you can say this place is cuddly and comfortable but it’s got some good fashion pieces. I was happy to discover this place while investigating Friedrichshain one of my favorite districts in Berlin.

Fluffy is a shop for Fashion and accessories .Located in in the Kopernikusstrasse here you will find cute original pieces that you possibly wont find on the main Berlin drag but that are unique ,fun and will most definitely spruce up that wardrobe without busting your wallet.What caught my eye were the cute dresses from Small brands and all under 99 euro pieces that I thought really scream style without the designer label.

Light airy dresses and tops.The shop offers an extra added touch with some unique handbags and little accessories that will spruce up an old look,and again I was surprised the prices were really reasonable and it made me smile since fashion does not have to be expensive to be hot!!!

Style is not about the budget you have but an open mind!!!

Love Sean

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