<!--:en-->Yellow!!!!The Fashion Signal Color!!!!<!--:-->

Yellow!!!!The Fashion Signal Color!!!!

Yellow is one of those signal colors that one never forgets!!!!I was amazed while in New York yellow seems to be one of those colors that has a classic twist especially when combined with Jeans and Chinos!!!This made me think about yellow in a total different way.I saw yellow being presented by Massimo an inexpensive collection at Target!!! that I love, but then again in Berlin yellow has become one of those signal colors!!!! which I found at brands such as Max and Co,Stefanel, and Michael Kors but then again !!!!These were seen in clothing, but for those who ?oh my god would never wear a yellow piece!!! why not try out an accessory.Here I found Purses and Shoes in Yellow which also can accentuate a look!!!!There are various tones of yellow so it does not have to be intensive it can be in a Pastel tone which often takes the color into a softer mood!!!!!!

Love Sean

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