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“World Cuisine” Cuisine from Israel @ Feinberg’s

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The great thing about Berlin is that this city  offers cuisine from all over the globe,in Berlin you can constantly find good food and great taste  from around the world.

I am a big fan of a vegetarian and meditaranean cuisine,when I was told about this Restaurant/Cafe I decided that i needed to try it out for lunch ,so off I was to  Feinberg’s. On this quiet rainy day my date and I decided on lunch in  Berlin’s Schoeneberg district.In this very quiet and relaxed restaurant I decided to order a  creamed eggplant dish ,and a bowl of f whipped chick peas “Humus” which was served with a light   thin pita bread.My date ordered a  Falafel with Salad.Both our meals were light and ,well prepared and as for taste they were a perfect meal for the afternoon.

Feinberg’s is a nice place with a warm atmosphere and when one is searching for a good meal,friendly service and reasonable prices  this restaurant/cafe is ideal . “Shalom”!!!!  .

Love Sean