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Wang Yutao Surprises with a Modern and Clean Collection

Berlin Fashion Weekwas fun but exhausting!!!!! therefore I was really happy to sit at a show and relax my feet and have the chance to really view a few designers come up with ideas I did not necessarily expect and honestly collections that were delightful!!!
The designer from the fabulous Peking I have been often so I am familiar with the young talent there!!!!so the designer Wang Yutao besten.welt.de/fashionblog/fashion-week/der-chinesische-englander-wang-yutao/ presented at the shows a Menswear Collection sprinkled with a classic but modern womenswear collection!!! http://besten.welt.de/fashionblog/fashion-week/der-chinesische-englander-wang-yutao/
The collection in rich earth tones that covered Brown,Beige,Taupe,Petrol,and Bordeaux the collections color palette was rich and still quite soothing!!!!
The collection geared towards menswear was a delight in that the silhouettes often narrow which included the Blazers, trousers and some great long knitwear for Men!!!!! the fabric spectrum included Wool, but interesting enough Plaids,and Tweed Like Optics were on hand as well.I was delighted to see that he showed Fur for men which I think is always quite grand and that in combination with the earth tones kept the look modern and elegant .
The trousers were often narrow and quite short this kept you looking at the socks which I think is a witty piece of accessory right now for men and this he did convincingly well.

I enjoyed the kilt optic for men albeit nothing new but in the designers very elegant and subdued tones really captured a elegant note that was quite
convincing for the modern male fashion hipster!!!!
The evening wear dresses for women were curvacious and fluid in silk/crepe fabrics where often the dresses had movement and were so delightfully fluid that one would think they were cut on the bias!!! they were elegant and simple but still I liked them due to the color palette and their simplicity.
Overall this designer showed a very good and clean collection I missed a few out there highlights!!!but still this is a designer to watch!!!!

Love Sean

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