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“Villa Riviera” A new Interior Oasis in Berlin !

Villa Riviera is not just another interiors shop for the discerning home furnishings fan but another interior shop to be inspired!!Think a little bit New York,Paris,and British decor and you have this Home furnishings brand for the demanding home furnishings fan.

A friend mentioned that this company was opening a new shop in Berlin,that offered both home furnishings and accessories for the discerning Interior Decorating fan.

So finally I got on my bike and went to the elegant district of Willmersdorf in the Giesebrechstrasse! Which I must say is one of my favorite streets in Berlin elegant ,discreet and still very welcoming.

The Villa Riviera shop offers the decorating enthusiast some good options to spruce up the home a bit. It also came to mind that this shop was a great place to buy little gifts when visiting friends and you are in search of small home warming gift.

The sales staff and manager Martin Chavret offer their clients decorating expertise services for both small and large decorating needs.The staff offers the clients

a warm and friendly atmosphere where one is surely to be well advised to spruce things up a bit.

“A few Home Decorating tips never hurt and when you get good service and a warm smile then you are for sure in the right place!!! @ Vila Riviera

P.S. We always find something that tickles our fancy this time i  discovered the cocktail party plates with the small cut out corner on the plate to place your wine glass while standing at a cocktail party,this divine invention is a must item!!!!!

Love Sean

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