<!--:en-->I Just Adore !!!”Das Neue Schwarz”!!! The Vintage Hand Shop in Berlin Mitte<!--:-->

I Just Adore !!!”Das Neue Schwarz”!!! The Vintage Hand Shop in Berlin Mitte

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“The New Black”Das Neue Schwarz!!!!The vintage shop in Berlin Mitte !!!Barbara and I were shopping fort a styling job
and discovered this place on of the hot streets in Berlin the Mulackstrasse!!!we discovered the shop and found really good IT!!!pieces from designers such as Commes Des garcons,Michael Kors,and a drop dead thick sweater from Jil Sander which I loved!!!!! and so many other unique pieces!!! the great thing was that you saw the pieces it was not a cluttered vintage shop but
the clothes were presented in a way that gave you time to ponder and be inspired!!!The sales girl turned out to be friendly and warm which made the visit a pleasant experience !!!since I get tired of all the attitude!!!!Well we found these over the top earrings Gypsy I thought were very Dolce Gabana and bought them I loved the look!!!finally we were off it’s a little shop in Berlin for serious fashion people looking for that vintage IT piece !!!!!!Go in and Discover for yourself in Berlin‘s Minimalistic Vintage Shop!!!!

P.S. Granted the items were not cheap!!however the pieces were in really good condition so thats a plus for me!!!

Love Sean

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