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Tante Donatella!!!!Comfy and Chic Cushions for the Home!!!!!!

I am always looking for something new and looking for clothing but I am also a freak for home accessories since I love Home Furnishings!!!so I was enchanted in finding in first at the Holy Shit Shopping Berlin the Home wear cushions and accessories from the very eclectic line called Tante Donatella found at the Berlin Shopping Portal!!! Dawanda Shop Tante- Donatella !!!! naturally I love the name which is a funky and quirky name.The Line that varies from modern,to vintage to kitschy motifs the cushions are truly fun. I love the accessories since it gives the buyer the opportunity to mix cushions in various trend directions!!!!with prices ranging from 15-35 Euro you get very well made pieces that are produced with wonderful details !!!! The pillows are a dream since the cushion designs are both fun and humorous in the details and naturally in the retro patterns which I find is so Berlin!!! the Pillows are mixed in colors so you have colors such as Pink,Red ,Orange, Blue you name it!!!I was really enticed that I purchased a few for friends for the Holidays !!!! color really brightens up the day and the spirits
check out Tante Donatella at Dawanda
The pieces are great for that unique Christmas Piece!!!!

P.S. For the Holidays I bought a small Pencil Pouch for my God daughter who took the pouch to school and I quote !!!her! I love this pouch !!!so this may be the unique gift!!!!!

Love Sean

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