<!--:en-->Talitha Getty Part 2 ! The Glamour and Fashion Homage continues!!!!!<!--:-->

Talitha Getty Part 2 ! The Glamour and Fashion Homage continues!!!!!

It’s the beginning of september and to our great disappointment the summer is already over in Berlin. What else could a caribbean american with a southern italian fashionista do to warm up the chilly fall temperatures (12 c. day – 3 c. night)  if not strolling around to pick some really hot pieces? Bur let’s be honest: the summer feeling has not completely left us and our hearts are in Morocco. So we asked ourselves what Talitha Getty en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talitha_Getty, most beautiful and damned fashion icon of the 60s, would wear if she was to spend next week-end in Berlin.

We went out and put together an interesting mix between vintage pieces from one of our favorite second hand store Checkpoint in Kreuzberg with new fall pieces that included closed shop, Hugo, American Apparel, Hugo Boss Orange, Cos stores, and our italian darling Patrizia Pepe and Galeries Lafayette all here in Berlin.

The look is eclectic, a little bohemian, a little exotic with tons of attitude. You have to wear it with plenty of personality and natural coolness. Rosy Wirshing, who modelled for us, got it right. By the way she is studying japanese and art history…To make everything more intriguing, during the photo shooting we assisted to a ferocious hunting scene featuring two cats and a dove, which we decided to incorporate in our fashion editorial. I hope you don’t mind. And if you do, please tell us.
Fashion is controversial.

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