<!--:en-->A Sweet Tooth at Macarons de Stéphane !!!<!--:-->

A Sweet Tooth at Macarons de Stéphane !!!

I have to admit for all the times I try to watch my weight I have a sweet tooth and I adore Macaron’s so when I discovered this small shop Called Macarons by Stéphane I just had to go inside and try one!

This little tiny shop with the colorful and friendly atmosphere really had me wanting to try something. I was greeted by the sales man who turned out to be the proprietor and I decided to take a chance on a Pistachio Macaron’s and a Berry Macaron .I went outside had a seat and just enjoyed the sunny weather

and indulged in one of my sins Macaron’s .Good? Yes they were and for 4 euros one can afford to indulge a little . Here you can have a glass of Spakling wine or Cafe so you can meet a friend have a few sweets and chatter a bit it’s a good choice for those who like it a little pretty and nice at Macarons de Stéphane .

Going to a friends for dinner and need a little gift here you can get a little box of Macaron’s or some other things such as fine Syrups .

Love Sean

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