<!--:en-->Stereoki a Guy’s Shop in Friedrichshain with a Cool Vibe!!!<!--:-->

Stereoki a Guy’s Shop in Friedrichshain with a Cool Vibe!!!

Stereoki !!!sounds like something cool and has to do with Music !Right? Well the music vibes in this place are pretty tight, but the shop located in Berlin’s urban and hip district of Friedrichshain is a guys haven for sportswear.
I discovered the store while going through Berlin and realized this could be an interesting place to investigate,well friends I was right the shop that specializes in pieces for men really was an euye opener since I realized today men shops don’t have top be so dull and outdated or terribly chic too have a modern and cutting edge.Lately I have been searching everywhere for the ultimate backpack /bag that can look official but still be used for my free time. Here in this shop I found great cool options. Hopwever the shop goes further offering cool Basecaps,Sneakers,Shirts,Trousers,Jackets everything for the Berlin guy and hipster.The service laid back but friendly not pushy which made me like this place.The atmosphere is clean and modern without being too showy.

The prices are moderate to high but the quality is good and with both name brands and brands not so well known one is happy that stores like this are present for men since this is definitely a place for the individual men shopper !!!!

Love Sean

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