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Savvy Dining at “The Pantry”in Berlin’s Mitte district !

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Well I had an anniversary with a dear special friend, so we decided to try out a restaurant in Berlin’s Mitte district “The Pantry”.Yes a little trendy,with the ultra hip vibes that one finds in this city, but still .Me being Sean I was enticed .

We were taken to our table my a friendly enough restaurant manager no there was no attitude so I was really ready to try ou the cuisine. I ordered as usual my standard Bubbly of a French  Crement and my pal a Beer, true not original but we were able to soak in the atmosphere of the young 20-40 something creative crowd who were enjoying an evening in Berlin.I must say I was taken with art on the walls they seemed to be pieces that could be purchased even though I was not sure but the art work on the walls were original in artistic directions and inspiring. Finally we decided to have fresh oysters as a starter and I the Swordfish with red curry risotto and baby green asparagus and my date a red curry soup with seasoned with Coconut Milk.We started soaking in the atmosphere which was lively,so before our starters we were given some fresh backed dark bread with butter.The bread fresh and good slightly moist with a hard and delightful crust perfect for the start of the evening.We later were served our oysters which were delightful with a small Asian inspired salad , spicy but still light and a great accompaniment to the oysters. We were able to relax , chatter and enjoy the sexy environment which is made up of cozy lounge leather chairs and booths with , dim lighting which I find can be terribly soothing after a long day. Thank goodness we were given time in between our orders to enjoy the evening. Finally our main courses came both dishes a nice surprise my dates soup a creamed vegetable soup that was light and offered a modern twist of combining red curry and coconut milk .My meal Swordfish with Risotto was not only a good combination but the fish with it’s light fried coating and and lightly cooked fish was moist which was surprise since this fish can often bee too dry when overly

done with the accompaniment of the red curried risotto with baby asparagus gave this dish a modern and quirky twist and a smiling face .The order was well prepared and seasoned with a nice size portion which is always good for any restaurant.The staff were really friendly even though in the beginning I was not sure if the place was really going to meet my expectations,however Sean was pleased “The Pantry” is a cute place to dine in this ever changing city.

The prices are not too cheap but for the 75 Euro I paid I got my money’s worth.

Love Sean

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