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Rosa Caleta!!!!Jamaican Dining in Berlin

Jamaican cuisine is something I know very well!!!!!I lived there for 2 years so when a friend mentioned a place for a Jamaican meal I decided I had to go !!!!!!!
located in Berlin‘s Kreuzberg district we went to Rosa Caleta!!!!!inside with the diverse art, the spacious décor and cute table decorations I was really looking forward to a wonderful relaxed evening, especially when we arrived and were greeted so friendly by the waitress who seemed to have everything under her wings!I thought we were in for a treat.We were all in good spirits so we ordered Wine and Beer and went straight to the menu which was presented to us by the waitress!!I decided on the Jerk Chicken which as you may not know is a Jamaican Specialty and as a appetizer the lentil vegetarian patties,my friends ordered Spicy roasted pork!!!!and a basket of sweet bread and cornbread which was good and we all realized we had to be careful since the bread was dangerous it was filling!!!!!!!!!Finally we were served the lentil patties which were actually slightly spicy and still delicate it turned out to be a creative and good surprise since I was not sure if a pattie could be made with out meat but hey it’s possible!!!

We later received our main course which was the Jerk Chicken which I thought would be spicy but was actually quite Mild to my disappointment!!!!my chicken was accompanied with rice and beans another Caribbean Favorite with sauteed vegetables and the traditional dumplings!!!!
The meal overall was good not great, the dishes did have those flavors that one does remember when in the Caribbean!!!!!The seasoning was slightly reduced which they explained was due to the clientele that did not eat too spicy!!!!a pity since thats what makes any cuisine from a foreign country unique its the authentic flavors!!!!!!!so after the main course they had on the menu a favorite desert of mine “bread pudding” it’s a simple dish but if done well is really wonderful!!!!!!!the desert was good, fattening but to die for and smothered in chocolate sauce really had me happy and satisfied since I have a sweet tooth!!!!!!! so after a relaxing easy going evening we left!!!The evening was not one of the best but we had a nice time the décor is cute and even though the food did not remind me of my childhood!!!! the place is great for a simple evening out with friends!!!see for yourself!!
The Meals were moderately priced at the end I paid for one approximately 22 euro this included drinks which I must say were non alcoholic!!!! but they do have a cocktail hour so!!!!so try that out atRosa Caleta!!!!

Love Sean

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