<!--:en-->Rita in Palma a unique and delicate accessories line from Berlin<!--:-->

Rita in Palma a unique and delicate accessories line from Berlin

Rita in Palma sounds like a Kitschy Holiday Romance but it’s on the contrary a Real adorable Collection of Delicate accessories for the true individualist!!The Berlin Designers I discovered during Berlin Fashion Week a few months back and surprise they were back with a new and delicate accessories collection that included ornamental collars in their crochet optic which has become their trademark!!! the crochet pieces combined with delicate gold chains and earrings give these designs something quite unique and precious!!! The collection has a social background it helps women of Turkish descent find another monetary venue!!! it turns out that these adorable pieces are for the individualist and are not only
fashionable and but are also taking a social stand I mean how fab is that!!!! Take a look and be inspired!!!!by Rita in Palma

Love Sean

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