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Ripped and Torn Denim for that Grunge appeal

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Lately it’s been everywhere and finally i have seen the optic when worn correctly can be quite fun.Torn denim jackets or jeans.The look naturally comes from the country western arena.I believe the look is fun for a casual weekend or a fun night on the town when going out to a club. This look is best combined with clean and uncomplicated other pieces.This means when wearing a torn denim jacket keep all other pieces fairly simple and at times elegant to help the look attain a modern optic.When one is wearing the torn jeans or for that matter a torn chino trouser i do suggest many wearing very easy pieces combined with the trousers or jeans, such as modern blazers or a simple cashmere  sweater keep it simple since the focal point of the ensemble are the torn optic .Whatever one does a torn or ripped optic is a trend that one should try out,however keep it simple.

Love Sean