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Rediscovering the Berlin Fashion Pioneer Claudia Skoda

I Love looking around for new things especially around the holiday season.Recently I rediscovered the shop of one of those old Berlin fashion pioneers Claudia Skoda
the knitwear designer who has a shop in Berlin very hot Fashion Mile Alt Schoenhauser Strasse in Berlin Mitte!!!!I decided that since it is getting cold I needed a new knit hat and scarf!!!!! Accessories are always so important to any wardrobe I am always surprised when folks say to me!!!” well any scarf will do” I say just any scarf will not do!!!!! therefore while at Claudia Skoda I was really excited by her accessories and especially right now looking for that little stocking stuffer !!!here you may just find the right thing and at least one knows its a piece you wont be seeing on every corner thank goodness!!!
so when shopping in Berlin take a look at this this shop its been a long time but this season it was worth the visit !!!i loved the colorful scarves!!!!!!!
and for those gray days in Berlin it will lift the spirits.

P.S. Check out the Knit Pants for Men I Love this look just adore it!!!!!
it is my new must have item !!!!!
True the prices are not cheap but for these pieces they are worth it around 120-150 Euro splurge a bit !!!

Love Sean

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