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Project Wedding Dress @ Kaviar Gauche!!!

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Boy I know that many have been though this scenario.I am getting married what do i wear?The Wedding Dress drama begins.Well I decided to go with a client looking for a dress and after long discussion we decided that for a Berlin modern bride one should do “Kaviar Gauche”.These designers have been on the Berlin Fashion scene for a while and are able to offer the modern upscale Berliner a  modern and femenine edge for both day and evening.However the brand also offers a very popular Wedding Collection that I believe offers a wide range of gorgeous dresses for the modern bride of today.Whether the dresses be in Silk,Tafetta,Tulle,Lace or Organdy.The collection offers one various options,meaning that there are dresses that will meet the needs of many women whose taste will vary.On this day with my no fuss client,she decided she wanted something romantic,but then again nothing to girlish pretty. We were both on the same page, thinking feminine with a touch of sensuality.We decided on a few silhoettes with the sales associate, understanding this delicate occasion she was not only insightful but supportive so must say ,I do applaud the sales staff since they comprehend quite wel the delicacy.Yes the dresses are not inexspensive,but then again it is your day and that day should be your treat so spoil yourself and indulge in a  good Wedding dress at Kaviar Gauche,or possibly you are just the friend who wants a pretty dress or outfit for the wedding or a party! Kaviar Gauche offers modern silhouettes that will have you going back for They offer a   Berlin Sophisticated Edge.Here it’s all about style no grunge here my dears!!!

Love Sean