<!--:en-->“Noto” Urban intimate dining in Berlin’s Mitte district <!--:-->

“Noto” Urban intimate dining in Berlin’s Mitte district

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NOTO I don’t know exactly what the name means but this modern German restaurant is a little gem in Berlin’s trendy Mitte district. I decided to meet up with a good friend who I had not seen in a while,it was truly a gray day , it poured buckets of rain but we decided to check this place out. Anyway regardless of the bad weather.

Finally inside this modern restaurant that had a very nice lighting that made me feel automatically at ease, it was a lighting that was delicate , soft and since I never talk about lighting it says something about this place.I was greeted by my waiter a young guy friendly and inviting. I started off with a cup of hot water and ginger ale . I decided to be careful about alcohol in the new year!!!!he was not offended and brought me my order and with a smile! that’s service.Finally my girlfriend who I had not seen in ages came in the door and we just started to enjoy ourselves.

The menu even though not a large menu still it offered a little something for many . We started off by having a Fish soup in a clear Consomme that included thinly sliced vegetables.The soup a dream well seasoned , and light. I must say with the light Jazz, and Soul Music in the background and the nice and intimate crowd I was very pleased to have found the place.We Later decided on our main course and since this year I decided on watching what I eat ,I explained this to my waiter and the chef personally prepared me something that was not on the menu .The dish was vegetables that included tomatoes,and Shitake mushrooms this was served with a puree of celery and onions all I can say is that the meal was light well seasoned and a

light culinary symphony . My friend had Goose with vegetables ands also enjoyed the well prepared meal that was also a delight for the eyes and the taste buds.We decided on not having dessert due to the fact that we were both full ,but we both agreed that this restaurant was worth coming back for.They have a very good wine list so for those connoisseurs who love their wine, wine lovers definitely will not be disappointed. Noto with its sleek but eloquent atmosphere and good cuisine was a nice surprise,Noto is not cheap but I must say that the place is still worth it.Bon Apetit because you will definitely not be disappointed.

Love Sean