<!--:en-->“Molinari & Ko” The Cafe to rewind in Kreuzberg!!!!<!--:-->

“Molinari & Ko” The Cafe to rewind in Kreuzberg!!!!

Molinari & Ko is not a fashion shop but an off beat Cafe in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district.

I finally had the chance to meet a friend for a bit of gossip and just to catch up on things !!!

Someplace off the beaten path she chose Molinari & Ko.I must admit it was new for me but I love discovering new places!!!!So we had a cup of coffee ,soup and Hot Lemon Tea and chatted.The place is relaxed and no fuss!!!The staff relaxed and the prices were really fair.

The place is a mixture of Berlin Hippies,Hipsters, and everyone else.I loved the mix of old furniture

and the fact that young people were there on their laptops having lunch it’s a place to meet, eat,

and nibble a bit!!!!

PS You can dine here as well so if looking for an unpretentious place to dine and chill this may be it!!!

Love Sean

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