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„Lilly & Leon“ Second Shopping for the Kids

Lilly and Leon a little cute second hand shop for children’s clothing.The shop that opened last fall offers for  clothing for the little ones. As we all know when folks have kids or like myself I have godchildren clothes can be pretty expensive. Therefore shops like these come in handy.Lilly and Leon is shop specializing in everything from no name brands to designer labels such as Woolrich,Burberry and Ralph Lauren so you can imagine you are in a place that is a designer haven for those parents wanting that extra special piece of clothing.The best thing is that these clothes are fair in price so whether getting a friend’s child a gift or for your newborn second hand shopping for kids can come in handy.You are able to get anything that a mom and desires for their loved ones shoes,hats,scarves and clothing you name it so one will most definitely find something.What I adored about this place was the friendly service and welcoming atmosphere and located in a very discreet side street of Berlin’s Charlottenburg district you are sure ,not to have an overcrowded shop but a warm and welcoming place.

p.s.If your looking for toys this shop has something for the little ones as well.

Love Sean

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