<!--:en-->Lebensstern!!!!!!The Elegant Comfort Lounge in Berlin!!!!!!!<!--:-->

Lebensstern!!!!!!The Elegant Comfort Lounge in Berlin!!!!!!!

At the moment!!!Berlin
is warm again and that being said when you want to go out with your sweetie or friends !!!here is a really nice place that I think more folks have to get to know!!!”Lebensstern”
Located at the Cafe Einstein Lebensstern-Cocktailbar-im-Einstein in Schoeneberg is quite a nice place for that cocktail!!!! and especially now , they have an awesome Terrace that made my evening so much fun even though I had to use a blanket later since the evenings have been unfortunately chilly.
After visiting the Opera with a good friend I was not interested in having dinner but we decided on having a drink .

So off I went with a good friend upstairs to the lounge which reminds one of an English Private Mens club from the 20s or 30s!!!!I think this place well executed with the black and white photos really make the place exceptional with tones of red walls and Brown Leather Furniture, you have a back room as a study and a room with assorted alcohol spirits it’s quite a masculine atmosphere but still very sexy and unique.So we were waited upon by a cordial bartender who informed us that she was the first woman bartender at this lounge!!!! she was attentive and friendly!!!so being a true cocktail Fan!!! I ordered a Cosmopolitan and my gal pal a Glass of white wine!!!!I got my Cosmo and the drink was quite tasty albeit not in a big glass, but the cocktail really was good!!!! due to the fact that I have experienced how a cocktail can be poorly made I was happy to see that the Bartender got this drink right!!!.Well after the first sips of my drink, I was able to sit and relax on their terrace the terrace has a relaxed atmosphere !!!and one has a pleasant view of the garden of the restaurant below!!!!We were able to relax luxuriously like divas and enjoy our drinks in a very relaxed and discreet atmosphere!!!!Here is a nice place after having a meal at the restaurant or you just want a quick drink with friends and want a nice and relaxed then Cafe Einstein Lebensstern-Cocktailbar-im-Einstein is a pleasant option !!!!

Love Sean

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