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“Jagger” The Cafe Restaurant for a Gospel Sunday Brunch

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One of my dearest friends invited me to brunch  on sunday.I decided to go because i was truly intrigued since he explained that  the place offer Breakfast with Gospel Music and since I am a fan i decided hey why not it’s Sunday.We enter this restaurant located in the Meineckestrasse in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district.Inside the decor is a little understated but with a array of food at the Buffet i was excited to finally eat since i was famished,with the buffet  i  decided on a few pieces of salmon ,brie cheese,bread and a fresh omelette that was made for me by a cook at the buffet.It was a nice beginning of a Sunday. What really had me and caught my attention was the fact that the Blues Jazz singer  Queen Yana started her performance that was mesmerizing.

The performance of her with her choir had me entranced.I must say that Queen Yanna has resided in Berlin for over 25 years and is a Music figure in the Berlin music scene and with her musical background I should nbot have been surprised of her performance but she was pretty wonderful.

The day was a nice alternative when thinking what  to do on a Sunday.Try Jagger it may help uplift you for the coming week.

Love Sean

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