<!--:en-->I Love Gold!!! Marc Jacobs won my heart and with Flats!!!!<!--:-->

I Love Gold!!! Marc Jacobs won my heart and with Flats!!!!

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I love Gold !!!! I don’t know why but at present something tells me that Gold is back with a vengeance!!!I mean Gold is really for someone with a strong personality since wearing gold projects one forward!!! The other day I was on the road and saw these ballerinas from Marc JacobsMarc Jacobs.
Right now Ballerinas are not perfect for the cold Berlin Berlinweather but soon enough they will be when spring arrives!!! These Ballerinas I see being worn with Long Hippy inspired Dresses for a great Casual look or with Skinny Jeans or Pants that end at the Ankle so that one can wear a ankle bracelet,
sort of India Inspired which I love…fabulous Gold Fabulous Ballerinas !!!!

Then again Burberry came up with two adorable shoes both very much for spring strappy sandals and in Gold also a great accent for the spring wardrobe they are granted simple, but in their simplicity have so much attitude!!!!and children I love attitude when it comes to Style oh and last but not least Stefanel! have for spring a simple slight oversized gold top great for evening but I also see this for day as a feel good piece for those days when one wants to say here I am !!!!!!Enjoy your life you only have one!!

Love Sean

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