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This Holiday Season a good hat is always divine!!!

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Many think that hats are not always the best for a look or that one cannot wear hats!!Think of Ingrid Bergmann in Casablanca how cool was that that or Grace Jones ine one of her many Phillip Tracy hats.Hats can truly make a look. I think often people shy away from hats because many dont take time to really find the right look.I believe a hat does not always have to be super chic to make a statement.However i think that a hat should be individual and possibly witty.

The first day of the Christmas holiday season in Berlin,I decided to go for a walk and realized my friends don’t think about what wear on thier heads.Here are some styles that I thought hey it’s winter but headwear does not have to be boring.The hat trend of Fedoras offer many a modern option.There are Baseball Style caps in Wool that  I think look quite new and sportive,with fur imitation hats offering one a funky option when one wants to be a little daring.The Knit hats regardless if in stripes or with beading   such knit hats really can spruce up ones look.Well whatever you do be daring when shopping for headwear possibly in prints such as Bright Florals or in Leopard have fun.

The Sales are starting check out options at Zara,or brands such as Max Mara, and Top Shop for some ultra fab options.

Love Sean

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