<!--:en-->HBC The Funky Urban Restaurant in Berlin’s Mitte District!!!!<!--:-->

HBC The Funky Urban Restaurant in Berlin’s Mitte District!!!!

HBC Berlin we asked what It meant but no one could say exactly!!!!! well the other evening I met with some friends just across the street from the Berlin TV Turm and went to a restaurant well spoken of for thier creative cuisine and very urban setting. I must say we were seated at the window true it was a little drafty but the view was pretty awesome one of Berlins oldest churches and the historic BerlinTV Turm!!!!! well the entrance even though dark when you entered was a lounge with dj that I thought made the atmosphere a little comfortable even though at 8 pm the place was slightly empty!!!!! cool Berliners and the like!!!!in this 70s communist building!!!

After a brief drink alas we went into the restaurant, the décor was for my eyes enticing the very minimalistic setting with the red chairs which I thought was a wonderful accent against the modern lamps really had me delighting in my upcoming meal. The Broken Mirrors on the Back wall I thought was amazing it was an unexpected accent to a modern setting!!! so I was ready for a good meal since the atmosphere already spoke to me even though the service was a little too much attitude for me it’s my money darling!!!!Well we started off with a really good Red Wine Waldgries from South Tyrol region and Sparkling white wine Cremant!!! since I am truly a bubbly drinker!!!!my friends started with a tomato soup with scampi that was good and well seasoned, and I had ravioli filled with cheese and adorned with dry tomatoes which I must say was good.

My date had for his main course Quail which as he stated was good and this was accompanied by a side dish of risotto. I had the risotto as well but served with a slightly fried Loup de mer fish granted this dish was good !! I had nothing to complain about!!!!the crowd was actually a nice crowd ,better than the not too attentive service!!!!We later had desert I had a tiramisu which was heaven unfortunately only so small the portion that I actually was craving for more!!!!!!

Finally we left the place actually having had a pretty good time.The food is good and well prepared and the décor and view are really good the location in this slightly rundown DDR relic was truly very Berlin that I loved.As I mentioned I was not too happy with the service but hey you cant have it all right???I would say take a look and see for yourself the lounge was a lot of fun though with some nice vibes!!! So if you want go hang out at the lounge and have fun at HBC Berlin!!!
The place was not Cheap for a Group of Four we paid at the end 150.00Euro granted not cheap but hey for good food there is always a price!!!

PS They do have a menu and that is always a pretty good deal a three course meal and on that evening was for 25,50 Euro

Love Sean

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