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“Handmacher” a Men’s Shoe Specialist for the Connoisseur!!

I was asked to go shopping for shoes this upcoming Fall season.Actually I was not really interested but then again when i was told the shoes would be custom made shoes .I became intrigued, when it comes to clothing and accessories made specifically to my measurements, I am all for it since I know having things made to ones measurements makes the article quite unique and special.On this particular day I was introduced to the courteous sales associate.He had me look at a few styles and presented to me  various leather hides and colors,I must admit i was a little overwhelmed since after seeing the styles,and having my feet placed in a foam form to ,I was asked to choose a style and color which I must say had me a little nervous since one never knows what one will get in the end.I was told by my good friend who brought me here that he had been buying shoes here for years  ,that being the case i ignored my anxiety and ordered my shoes.After 4 weeks “yikes”!! they do take time. Then again for quality one must be patient .I finally was able to pick up my shoes ,I tried them on and now I am addicted to shoes made to order,such shoes are  a luxury but aren’t you worth it?”Handmacher “is a shoe store for true Shoe Connoisseurs and with their over 20 years experience  and a discerning clientele you know you are in the right place!!!I paid a fair price of 295,00 Euro and now have great quality shoes!!!

P.S. The shop is also a great place to have shoes repaired.

Love Sean



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