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Hairbands for a total new optic

Love SeanWhen we are thinking of changing our look and developing something new.It does not have to be something drastic but little things lately ,I have been seeing young women getting into the headbands and hairbands.The look is always whimsical and fun.I think of the Tooth Fairy looking all angelic and soft.The Headbands can look soft or modern, or romantic depending on what one is wearing and how one coordinates her look.Many young things have been choosing the flowers but others are using headbands with a bow whatever one does it all is quite pretty and at times edgy.The colors can be in black,or in metal tones such as gold and silver which are much more sophisticated and for the young things it has been the use of flowers that has caught my eye.Whatever you do try out something new, try a hairband.

PS Some of the cute hairbands I saw were at Bijou Brigitte ,and H&M but whatever you do  try something new.

Love Sean

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