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Gold!!!Accents that pep up your style!!!

Gold !!!The accent that really can pep up look.I have been in New York and was amazed to see just like in Berlin for the upcoming season a little bit of Gold can go a long way.It can be  a Necklace,Shoes or naturally for the really adventurous consumer a whole dress or top in Gold.I loved the gold accents in Shoes seen in Berlin from Companies such as Marc Jacobs,or Guiseppe Zanotti and recently from Dr.Martens that are tough and rugged but with a hint of gold give these shoes a little bit of panache.There are times that a little bit of glamour help pep up a look completely.It’s not about money but finding that right piece it may be a skirt,top,clutch bag or bracelet but that accent can take a look to the next level.

Love Sean

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