<!--:en-->Everything is coming up Floral  for Spring !!<!--:-->

Everything is coming up Floral for Spring !!

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Well Fashion changes everyday,and with the global world in which we  reside ,there are so many trends that it can me mind blowing.The first accent of something new that i like for the upcoming season is Florals yes in clothing they can be cute but we havbe seen that already,however in accessories i thought that that is delightful.Whether in shoes ,bags ,belts or in sneakers.I think having an accent in your accessories in a floral print will spruce up your look and not loook outdated.

I am sure many say can it be a floral scarf?yes but it would depend on how one wears it as a belt that can be pretty cool.For Men yes Florals can be worn for casual weekends and for a hip night out on the town.

Love Sean