<!--:en-->“Evelin Brandt”Fashion For everyday women and this includes plus sizes!!!!<!--:-->

“Evelin Brandt”Fashion For everyday women and this includes plus sizes!!!!

In Berlin it’s not only the young hipster who are interested in looking good but women of every age and size wants to look good!!!Therefore I visited this shop to see what this designer has been offering her consumers in Berlin for some time, and this includes plus sizes since I am often asked where can a woman who wears a size above 14 goes to get a  few pieces!!!I knew this shop specialized in such pieces so i went  to investigate actually there were pieces that i liked and thought if coordinated correctly can   look pretty fab!!!The collection is based on separates and in various fabrics, color themes and silhouettes .Evelin Brandt is the store where any woman who does not consider herself a Super Fashionista feel welcomed .I think with thier extra store that specializes in plus sizes and pieces is really cool.However in thier normal shops they tend to go to a size 14-16!!!The plus size consumer will definitely feel  addressed since its not always easy for plus size consumers to find  modern pieces. The designer has several locations in Berlin so when looking for a nice piece for someone in a plus size check out the Evelin Brandt Shop a true Berlin original.

Love Sean

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