<!--:en-->A sweet tooth at  “Melanies”the Confectioner’s Shop and Cafe in Berlin!!!<!--:-->

A sweet tooth at “Melanies”the Confectioner’s Shop and Cafe in Berlin!!!

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Looking for a small gift ,or do you have a sweet tooth and just want to indulge in a piece of cake or chocolate.Well whatever you prefer !!This adorable cafe in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district offers you both and still a little more.I decided to meet a friend for tea.To my surprise they offered a chai tea and with my tea, I was offered a choice of two home made chocolates from this Confectioner’s Cafe.So along with my friend i had so much fun.The place seems like a toy land of sweets with their own handmade chocolates,and includes cookies , jams and marmalades. This store has it all.It’s a non fussy cafe to take a break and indulge in a cafe and a little bit of chocolate or cookies enjoy Melanie’s who by the way celebrates 70 years so it’s a little bit of Berlin tradition as well and they offer courses to make your own chocolates!!!!

Love Sean

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