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Colorful Socks for Men this Spring!!

There are things that men can wear that does not cost tons of money,and that really make sense for men to wear. I call this trend the happy feeling accessory for men.Why? because it is one of those things that one can define themselves by with out it being too overwhelming for a guy!

Socks they are the answer ! While in Starbucks i discovered two different guys on separate days one from Japan and the other from England.They both told me that they use socks to express a part of their personality and the English Gentleman reminded me in that in Britain this is what guys do.Color can be array of colors,Red ,Petroleum Blue or socks   in Salmon tones for the upcoming spring.I have seen tones in Turquoise and Green tones ranging from Lime to a forest green, whatever you do try out a sock in a colorful pattern to really spice up your footwear.

P.S. and it only costs 8-12 Euro for a little spice.Brands such as Happy Socks,Burlington and Falke are all offering good options and for the High end Guy Paul Smith always offers a fun optic.

Love Sean

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