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Bordeaux!!!! The Color that works for Fall Winter 2012

In Berlin naturally they tend to dance to a different beat thank goodness but when it comes to color this fall!!!Bordeaux is really the IT color!!!!!!!Accessories is the Answer !!!!When one is trying to revamp their wardrobe Bordeaux is a great option.
I have been shopping and found several pieces especially Shoes that I thought are a wonderful option for the Fall Winter wardrobe!!!It’s funny because I found shoes in all price ranges
from the Glamor of Michael Kors,To the Preppy look from lautre choseto the Elegance of Ferragamo!!!and One can never forget the drop dead shoes I found at Max and Co
its a good color that is Classic and still is Mysterious I find it often to be the erotic option to Black so when one has had too much of Black in their wardrobe, this color is a pretty darn good option!!!!
so whether it be in shoes bags or belts Bordeaux is a color to be used for the season!!!

Love Sean

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