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“Berlin Fashion Week” back in action!

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Well Fashion Week has arrived in Berlin.With the big trade show Bread and Butter filing for Bankruptcy the tables have turned in Berlin.The big venue now is The Premium that was always a major contender now is the only real game in town.The first trends that I realized we are seeing is again the  Hippie look  has returned with a little edge of   American Indian influences with hints of Northern Africa and South East Asia .The colors vary from very vibrant Orange,Yellow ,and Red tones to more nuetral and dark hues even though color and prints are most definite vital in the upcoming season.Naturally one cannot forget a hint of leather and denim since together with the western and Indian themes these two fabrics are vital to the trends authenticity.The two for thje time being cannot be forgotten.The Silhouettes are often flowing with knitwear playing an important part as a Fall Coat alternative.The one thing that is definite and that  is Fashion Today is “Anything goes” and the first looks that  i have seen reflect that.

Love Sean

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