<!--:en-->Beige,Camel the must have color for your wardrobe!!<!--:-->

Beige,Camel the must have color for your wardrobe!!

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Since I have been running around lately.What I have noticed is that in NY all the shops both small and large,and ranging from young desifgners to the established have all realized that the tone of beige, camel and family is not only a standard tone,however a color to be embraced in the wardrobe.The interesting thing that i have seen regardless if it is from brands such as Anthropologie,Banana Republic or French brands such as Comptoir des Cotonnieres,and Modern Brands such as Theory they all have thier modern take on the tones so regardless of beige,caramel, or camel the tone is a great tone to be worn and  depending on the hue can be worn by many.It does not have to be a coat it may be a trouser or skirt however the tone is great since it can be worn with  red ,gray,blue tones and it is always something that one can grab onto in thier wardrobe and feel classic modern and depending on the style modern hip.The tones are great and can be worn by both men and women.

Love Sean