<!--:en-->“Balenciaga Vintage” Couture at Andreas Murkudis in Berlin<!--:-->

“Balenciaga Vintage” Couture at Andreas Murkudis in Berlin

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Balenciaga Vintage !!!!Oh Gosh how fabulous that sounds Original pieces from the Spanish Couturier Cristobal Balenciaga
a Fashionistas Dream ,A true Fashion followers dream or nightmare if one cannot afford to get one of these items!!!!Located in Berlin‘s Mitte District it is truly one of my Favorite shops in Berlin Andreas Murkudis!!! who presented this past Sunday, silhouettes from one of the greatest Couturiers ever Cristobal Balenciaga the evening and cocktail dresses from the 50s and 60s were on display !!!!!the exquisite thing about this afternoon was that these vintage pieces could be viewed and ordered
these couture items are not Made to Measure however these pieces are what I will term Ready Couture since these pieces are limited!!!I must admit I did not ask the Price!!! but one should know these are not pieces one sees everyday and the dresses on display mostly in Black with a sprinkle of color here and there really were divine .These vintage silhouettes are still til this day modern pieces. We see that Cristobal Balenciaga never goes out of style !!!!The dresses can be viewed and ordered at Andreas Murkudis the really Low key,Hip Fashion temple in Berlin.
The dresses range from Long evening dresses to the adorable short cocktail dress it just needs the wearer !!

P.S. For all those who cannot afford such items!!it is still great to see these pieces!!!

Love Sean

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