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Accessories that wont break your budget !Bijou Brigitte

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I am always being asked about ,how can one spruce up thier wardrobe when one is on a budget.

It is not always easy! granted,however there are always style  short cuts.

I attended one of many presentations for Fashion and was amazed again at how many looks,one can bring together when one uses a specific bracelet,necklace ,or earrings it can make or break a look often.The upcoming season for the customer looking to update thier look with accessories may do so, while not  ruining thier budget at Bijou Brigitte,this German Brand offers  both  funky and chic options,my favorites this upcoming season were the new Matte Black Earrings and Necklaces ,as well as the accessories in the blue tones ranging in navy to ice blue which I thought was quite new.  Of course the large show pieces are on offer and at some point a lady needs a little bling in thier wardrobe,for those special evenings.The collection always has classics such as the classic pearl necklace and earrings but this time a little more delicate when combined with gold ,which made the look interesting again.What i did like were the multi strand necklaces which are good for a great neckline.  So when in Berlin take a look at this German Brand Shops for inexspensive accessories.It is like going in to your Aunt Mame’s Jewelry Box.

The shop is all over the city so it is always easy to find and discover something new!

Love Sean