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A relaxed and comfy cafe in Berlin !!!!the “Kreuzberger Himmel”

Kreuzberger- Himmel!!!! (Kreuberg Skies) This turned out to be a true surprise I was in berlin looking around and discovered that the church on Mehringdamm in Berlin‘s!!!!Kreuzberg district!!!had opened
a Cafe it was unique because it is located in a Old Catholic Church so I was a little surprised to see them going into the restaurant field but then again why the hell not !!!!the place was actually really nice!! quiet, comfortable, and a not a attitude hipster Cafe however a nice quiet comfortable place for friends,families, and a great place for any type of crowd!!!which I thought was quite refreshing!!! so I met m,y Pal Frank for Coffee and Cake we decided on a Plum Pastry ,Apple Cake, Tea, Caffe Latte and later a Prosecco yes they serve alcohol!!!!!So we sat and chatted a bit the service was friendly and the Cafe has a pretty extensive menu from Soups to Salads to hearty dishes one can come here for Lunch and Dinner or a light snack and feel at home and this a good place when your alone and want to get out!!!This is a nice neighborhood cafe with no pretensions at all!!!! you can go read your paper relax and the light Christian atmosphere is not scary but actually very warm and welcoming!!!!!
Kreuzberger- Himmel is open Daily from 11-23
PM !!!!
This cafe is the real deal!!!!
Love Sean

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