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The 23rd annual Gay Pride Street Festival

During the Gay Pride month of June there is always a great deal taking place in Berlin.

Every year the   the Motzstrasse turns into a Gay Pride Street Festival.Here you will find a two day celebration,celebrating the Gay and Lesbian community ,this event  brings both the local Gay/Lesbian,Transgender and International community together  .Here you not only have time to meet and make new friends ,however you have the chance to inform yourself about  what is taking place in the gay community both culturally and politically.I was amazed to find out that there will be a marathon in Berlin this Fall with the proceeds going Berlin Aids Hilfe Project.There were various other organizations who both try to get their message out there to  the community,and for others who want  to inform the gay and lesbian community  about the work other Companies and Organizations are doing .Regardless of where you come from, here in Berlin during this two day street festival,you have the opportunity to have a drink ,listen to music ,eat and be both intellectually and culturally inspired.Here I learned a great deal about what is taking  place in Berlin’s Gay community.Go out and share this annual celebration that honors diversity in Berlin.

Love Sean