piano main

“The Piano Salon Christphori”A Concert space par excellence in Berlin’s Wedding District

I was told about this studio ,concert hall in the very gritty .multi cultural district of Wedding . It took me a while ,however now that I have found this place it will remain a must do when in Berlin. Regardless of whether Jazz or Classical music this refurbished former warehouse /garage has become a [...]

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hand outsidemain

“Handmacher” a Men’s Shoe Specialist for the Connoisseur!!

I was asked to go shopping for shoes this upcoming Fall season.Actually I was not really interested but then again when i was told the shoes would be custom made shoes .I became intrigued, when it comes to clothing and accessories made specifically to my measurements, I am all for it since I know having [...]

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tietz card

Cafe Tietz & Cie a Cafe with a Funky ,and Urban Edge

A quick cafe break from the stress!!try this new cafe with it’s hip urban and relaxed vibe!! Cafe Tietz & Cie.This cool cafe is located in the up and coming district of the Potsdamerstrasse!!The cafe is located close to many new and modern galleries,and a few shopping meccas such as Mukurdis,and the hat Designer shop [...]

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villa main

“Villa Riviera” A new Interior Oasis in Berlin !

Villa Riviera is not just another interiors shop for the discerning home furnishings fan but another interior shop to be inspired!!Think a little bit New York,Paris,and British decor and you have this Home furnishings brand for the demanding home furnishings fan. A friend mentioned that this company was opening a new shop in Berlin,that offered [...]

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rogacki main

Lunching @Rogacki”s a True Berlin Institution

There restaurants,cafes and bars in Berlin that every Berlin seems to know,however real Berliners both old and young agree that there  is only one place you can buy your meat and fish and that’s   Rogacki a store that offers fresh meat,poultry and  fish .I went  on this day with an elderly Berliner friend and [...]

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