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A Little Sparkle for the wardrobe never hurts!!!

It has been quite interesting this season,the fall seems to be defined by volume in the blouses,dresses,and knitwear.However one   trend that i think is fun and gives a wardrobe a little depth is the sparkle embellishment that one is seeing from various brands.I love the idea of a little glamour since it can liven up any classic or possibly boring look that just needs a little Kick.The collection from Patrizia Pepe offered the optic in a clutch bag,as did brands such as Tara Jarmon,Manush,Prada you name it all have an option.So I say Sparkle your life this upcoming Season.

Love Sean

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Men and Tote Bags!!!!

While in Japan i started noticing that all men both young and old, trendy or traditional were using Totebags for both work and leisure time!!!While there i ended up buying several bags my Favorite from the label  At.Coleur and I must admit i find them quite useful and look quite smart.Tot bags for Men I say Yes!!!!!


A Shop for the Culinary Senses!@ “Ölmühle an der Havel “

Ölmühle an der HavelAn adorable little shop for the Culinary Hipster looking for original Spices,Oils,Teas and other knick knacks for the senses.I discovered this place by chance .

The shop located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district on the Hipster Drag the Bergmann Strasse.The street is well known as a place to shop. On this particular day I went into the shop to investigate.Inside the store is decorated in such a friendly and appetizing way,so that one has to try the various products on display.On this particular day I decided try a few of the oil specialties.The taste of the Olive Oils were good and here I rediscovered that there is more to olive oil than one may think. Investigating further into the shop I discovered ,fine unique teas and a few utensils for the kitchen..The sales staff is actually warm and friendly and are actually quite open to questions and explained a thing or two about the products.This meant the sales associate knew her merchandise.Thew shop is nothing fussy or pretentious just a nice shop that will inspire one to try out something new .

P.S. The prices were quite reasonable therefore it is a place that one should visit!!

Love Sean


Adresse: Bergmannstraße 104, 10961 Berlin

Telefon:030 50567115

Mon - Sat 10:00–19:00


City Train
U Bahn Mehringdamm/ or Gneisenaustrasse

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The “Bottecelli” Exhibition seen through new eyes in Berlin

The Bottecelli exhibition recently opened at the Berlin “Gemaeldegalerie” which is located close to the Potsdamerplatz.This museum often is forgotten due to Berlin having so many other artistic venues,however this exhibit in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert museum is a pure artistic delight.

The exhibit is themed after the world renowned painting of Venus from Bottecelli. What makes this exhibition  unique is that the exhibition is based on the theme of the Venus painting however the exhibition takes us beyond just the renaissance era but art spanning several centuries.Here the museum presents various artist who have used the theme of Venus as an artistic motive.The show presents various artists over the centuries that included designs from the designers Dolce &Gabana, photos from Pierre & Gilles and paintings from the Pre Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti.The exhibition presents to the viewer how a subject matter over a large period has continuously influenced artist for centuries.The exhibition is informative,and entertaining.

The Bottecelli exhibit is one of those delightful and still informative exhibitions that inspire and make

one smile and yes this show is worth a visit.

Love Sean


Stauffenbergstraße 40
10785 Berlin
zum Stadtplan

Phone: 030 2 66 29 51

Opening Hours: Mon closed. Tue, Wed,
Fri 10-18, Thu 10-20, Sat+Sun 11-18


City Train
S/U Bahn Potsdamerplatz

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Celebrating the French Cuisine @Brasserie Le Paris

I was asked if i wanted to meet for a small bite in the district of  Charlottenburg on the Kurfuerstendamm the main boulevard in Berlin.It was decided that we should visit the restaurant located at the French Cultural Institute.So off we were to the French Restaurant Brasserie Le Paris.

The restaurant decorated in a traditional Brasserie decorum, with a small and welcoming staff .We were escorted to  a table which at 7:00 PM was a smart move since later the place did get quite full.

The evening was turning out to be quite nice so I  just enjoyed the unpretentious atmosphere and my date decided on a glass of white wine and I on a glass of Rose Cremant!

The Menu was quite extensive with a wide spectrum of dishes that were actually all quite enticing.

My date decided on a classic Cesar Salad with Chicken ,however since I was intrigued by the Menu i decided on a Spinach Risotto with Monkfish in bread crumbs with lightly sauteed gingered fennel  which was accompanied by a light lobster sauce the combination original indeed but i must say worked well.

My fish was not only good, however  the combination with the bread crumbs  was a unique alternative .The Risotto which is never easy combined with the spinach was good and had the traditional al dente bite which is always a delight when dining on Risotto.

The meal I must say was not inexpensive however worth the price my dish was 22 Euro.Brasserie Le Paris  serves not only dinner but lunch as well and I learned with quite good prices during lunch time which is great when one is looking for a nice place to dine during the afternoon.I enjoyed the Brasserie Le Paris this restaurant has all the qualities of a good standard  French Brasserie  and that in Berlin,I may add.

Love Sean