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“Auerbach” The Brand for the Inner Dandy in you

I was told that a brand that I was a fan of for some time was reinventing itself with a new name and concept,however I was promised the DNA would remain the same, just with a little more gusto.”Auerbach” is the brand that has entered the Gentlmans Market,in both the accessories and clothing arena. They [...]

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“Calvin Klein” Presents a New Attitude at Wormland in Berlin

Calvin Klein is one of those brands that we feel like we have grown up with .Regardless of when we wore our first piece of Calvin Klein or now the almost cult status underwear.Calvin Klein is a part of our Fashion Wardrobe.Well the brand has been offering a new modern hip edge,that has many talking [...]

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Pizza Dining at “Straniero”in the district of Wedding in Berlin

“Straniero” A bite of Italy in Berlin.I finally decided to meet some friends of mine,who live in the very Multicultural and hip district of Wedding.The district is not the typical ┬áchic district of Berlin,however the district is full of young and creative people from all over the world who make up the new Berlin and [...]

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“Flowers” @ Calendula creating bouquets for the Berlin Gay Community

It was a true surprise the other day when i received a gift from a good friend Flowers! What can I say it is Mother’s day so Flowers are usually the norm. However I think flowers should be a gesture to everyone all the time. This little shop which is based in the heart of [...]

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“Espadrilles” A Fashion Option for Spring

Espadrilles!!are back this summer with a vengeance.Designers such as Valentino and Marc Jacobs are offering new options that are easy to wear and are great for a casual weekend optic.Whether worn with a sun dress or with jeans .The Espadrilles are a good style for the new season. The Espadrilles styles today are quite original [...]

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