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Good Inexspensive Asian Dining @ Friends & Friends

Oh Well!!! I decided to meet a friend who I had not seen in ages and since we are both so busy it is never easy.My dear friend suggested to meet in Charlottenburg at the Stuttgarter platz a nice neighborhood location in Berlin.We decided to meet at a place that I did not know but [...]

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Memorials of Berlin that are worth a quick visit!!!!

We are all familiar with the History of the Holocaust but this morning while running i vcisited two monuments that I feel can be visited anytime and are free for anyone to view without necessary buying a ticket.They are the Daniel Liebeskind monument that pays homage to the Million of Jews persecuted during the Holocaust.These [...]

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The New Shopping Paradise in West Berlin The “Bikini” House

Berlin has so much shopping and many Shopping Malls but this  Particular house is a special monument built in the 50s after WWII .This House with a reminiscence to the classic bathing suit. After a long period of remodeling the  shopping complex was opened that includes a modern Hotel,fashion shops from Brands such as Closed,Gant [...]

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“Uniqlo” the Japanese Fashion brand comes to Berlin!

Yesterday and even on this Sunday one has the opportunity to shop at one of my favorite shops “Uniqlo” this Japanese Chain has been my favorite for the past few years. Located on the Tauentzienstrasse 7 the hub bub Boulevard in Berlin’s West district. At “Uniqlo ” the collections  are for the whole family  you [...]

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A Sweet Tooth at Macarons de Stéphane !!!

I have to admit for all the times I try to watch my weight I have a sweet tooth and I adore Macaron’s so when I discovered this small shop Called Macarons by Stéphane I just had to go inside and try one! This little tiny shop with the colorful and friendly atmosphere really had me [...]

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Adding a Little “Fluffy”to your wardrobe

Fluffy!! Oh I dont know if you can say this place is cuddly and comfortable but it’s got some good fashion pieces. I was happy to discover this place while investigating Friedrichshain one of my favorite districts in Berlin. Fluffy is a shop for Fashion and accessories .Located in in the Kopernikusstrasse here you will [...]

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Discovering the jewel in the haystack at “Trash Schick”the Vintage clothing shop

Berlin is a place that loves trash Trashy Clubs,Trashy Bars,Trash Cafes,Trashy Drag Queens and at Times trashy fashion.Then again you have some interesting shops in Berlin therefore I was happy to discover again the vintage Second Hand shop in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district named “Trash Schick “ (Trash Chic). The shop has been in Berlin for [...]

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“Funk You”The Cafe/Juice Bar for the Healthy freak in you!!!!

“Funk You” Yeah one would think someone is swearing at you!but no it’s far away from what one thinks.While walking on a sunny day in Berlin in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district.I decided to stop by this Juice bar/Cafe for that fresh pick you up Fruit Drink.Visiting this small quirky cafe offers a great deal for the [...]

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Low Key Fine Dining at E.T.A Hoffmann in Kreuzberg

E.T.A Hoffmann recalls the Composer Right ? Well here it most definitely has something to do with art ,culinary art to be exact. This low key restaurant is a culinary pleasure.Located in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district in a old magnificent building built in the end of the 19th Century.The restaurant I decided to visit with a [...]

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