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A Long Skirt for a new edge?

The Last few days the long silhouette seems to be back on the fashion radar.I have been seeing them in many variations,Flared,Narrow,Ruffled,Long Asymetric optics.It is all there ,the one important thing though is that the long look is a option for the upcoming season.The look can naturally be worn with heels but wearing these looks [...]

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“Whitetail”A Sleek collection with a Urban edge

During Fashion Week in Berlin one saw many interesting ideas,however it is important thatĀ  these looks are good for the modern consumer.Therefore it was no surprise that This small collection from the brand Whitetail came as a breath of fresh air. Clean and crisp silhouettes wih small details that gave the looks a modern accent.The [...]

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Anne Gorke offers her urban chic interpretation!

This week has been so much taking place in Berlin ,one does not know where to start or where to end.The young designer Anne Gorke presented a fun and easy collection for the upcoming season.The collection offered pieces that were easy to intregrate and wear in a womans urban wardrobe with a very simple but [...]

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“Berlin Fashion Week” back in action!

Well Fashion Week has arrived in Berlin.With the big trade show Bread and Butter filing for Bankruptcy the tables have turned in Berlin.The big venue now is The Premium that was always a major contender now is the only real game in town.The first trends that I realized we are seeing is again theĀ  Hippie [...]

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“Noto” Urban intimate dining in Berlin’s Mitte district

NOTO I don’t know exactly what the name means but this modern German restaurant is a little gem in Berlin’s trendy Mitte district. I decided to meet up with a good friend who I had not seen in a while,it was truly a gray day , it poured buckets of rain but we decided to [...]

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