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“Villa Riviera” A new Interior Oasis in Berlin !

Villa Riviera is not just another interiors shop for the discerning home furnishings fan but another interior shop to be inspired!!Think a little bit New York,Paris,and British decor and you have this Home furnishings brand for the demanding home furnishings fan. A friend mentioned that this company was opening a new shop in Berlin,that offered [...]

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Lunching @Rogacki”s a True Berlin Institution

There restaurants,cafes and bars in Berlin that every Berlin seems to know,however real Berliners both old and young agree that there  is only one place you can buy your meat and fish and that’s   Rogacki a store that offers fresh meat,poultry and  fish .I went  on this day with an elderly Berliner friend and [...]

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“Young Euro Classic”The Classical Music Festival with a hipster edge !

Every year in Berlin ,the city comes alive with young Musicians from across Europe to Perform at the Konzert Haus at the Gendarmenmarkt.This year one will hear music from some of the best young orchestras with musicians aging from 14-24 ,performing pieces from Beethoven to Tschaikowski. I had the opportunity to Young Portuguese Ochestra directed [...]

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thal main

“Thalassa”A Boheme Oasis for Greek Dining with a Funky Vibe!!!!

A little bit of the Greek friendliness and bigheartedness never hurt,so the other evening a very dear girlfriend and a group of friends decided to go for dinner in Kreuzberg they swore Thalassa was a divine and darling little place to dine ,so I decided well if they said so I must follow! I showed [...]

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Savvy Young Fashion @ Brandy Melville

There brands out there that come to mind really quickly and offer young fashionistas fashion that is savvy and young and presently quite hot. Today in our global world you have shops and brands that one may not be familiar with ,however this brand  has a true hip factor. Which made me intrigued to finally [...]

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