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“Naschpiraten”A quirky candy Store for the kid in all of us

It is wierd I  discovered this shop while on my bike tour in Berlin.Yes everuyone has one in Berlin a bike is definbately a musat have.While tracvelling up this quiet street in Schoeneberg I discovered this Candy Store ,A unique candy shop forboth Childeren and Adults. What kind of sweets? Well All kinds of delicious [...]

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‘DYN’ the Berlin Menswear Brand offers a Mod floral optic.

I think there are some Berlin brands that do their thing and remain true to their style and DYN is one of those brands.For the upcoming spring they offer Floral prints for men in both shirts and jackets.The cuts are slightly  narrow and DYN stay true to their slim and casual sportswear  for men.Otherwise the [...]

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“Denhams”Opens a Hip Urban Denim Shop in Berlin

Denham is not only a Denim brand but it is fore me a Lifestyle denim brand.Easy going Denim Styles with   good fitting Jeans and as we know jeans are not always easy to find.Well Denham Jeans are made from fine Japanese Denim what more can one wants. Denham had an official opening of thier [...]

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