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A short break and snack @”Einstein Cafes 71″

Yes, we need all our cafe in the morning or a little breakfast so for a few years in Berlin one has had the Cafe Einstein as a good alternative when in Berlin,since they are located all over the city. I must say Einstein makes a pretty good darn cafe.Finally last week they opened a [...]

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“Volume”for Fall Clothing with a Strong Statement !!

This fall winter season,is about the coat and not just any coat but a coat with VOLUME.While in London and now in the shops in Berlin.I have been seeing various style of oversized coats whether they be in a sportive version in heavy cotton nylon blends, wool cashmere ,or in heavy wool jersey designers have [...]

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A Nice Surprise Lunch @ Joseph Roth Diele

It’s weird because I have wanted to go to this place for ages and never went.When I decided to do lunch with a friend I decided to finally visit this place, since Joseph Roth Diele has been in Berlin forever and institutions such as this must be preserved and supported.Many are familiar with the writers [...]

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Have a “Hasir Burger” in Berlin’s Kreuberg District

Tonight what to do in Berlin?Go for a Big Juicy Burger at Hasir Burger!!!Located in Berlin’s super trendy Kreuberg district Kottbusser tor to be exact.You will find this fgun loving hamburger joint. It all started the other night, I was literally famished.I decided I needed some comfort food and there is nothing better than a [...]

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The “Euthanasia”Memorial at the Berlin Philarmonic!

Today was a day of rememberance of  victims during the Nazi era in Germany. The opening today was of a small but impressive and moving memorial to honor the victims that were killed through various methods which was called “Euthansia”.These  poor helpless victims  were murdred  due to thier mental,or physical disabilities. They were killed and [...]

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